Educational Support

  • Designing and executing specialised courses for coaching sector
  • Creation of learning aids
  • Recruitment and Training of faculties
  • Creation of websites to deliver quality content and streamlining the same through different social media platforms
  • Building LMS/CMS to make your classroom program online
  • Organising workshops on co-curricular matters of importance
  • Conducting Quizzes and Debates, including mock UN for schools
  • Evaluation Services: processing and monitoring students performance

Bussiness Communication

  • Content Writing on Products and Services
  • Preparation of reports and inputs for your business meet ups and business review
  • Launching of content campaigning and regular follow-up and improvisation
  • Writing review articles that can be used to make your product stand out in the internet
  • Specialised content support for the organisation of events/workshops so that you can engage the participants in advance and after.
  • Collection, Collation and Organisation of content for any publication needs

Science Communication

  • Writing articles describing the significance and subject matter of your research so as to gain more visibility to your project
  • Creation of short videos, explaining the study for industry and other organisations
  • Broadcasting of content through diverse social media platforms on specific scientific matters for public outreach
  • Updating the media and journalists about the new happenings in a particular scientific discipline.