If you are a researcher looking for some help to communicate your invention and findings to the wider world, we are here to help you. Communicating your years long research findings would show the wider world about the valuable contribution you have made to your discipline.

We will help you to frame and write excellent pieces on your research that can be understood even by a layman of basic understanding in your discipline. We will also create videos on research that could be used in your research presentations. Besides, these videos could be used to connect industry or government who may be interested to support your projects.

At present, very few premier technical and research institutes in India boasts a dedicated media wing that focusses on scientific communication. Logogram attempts to chip in to these vacuum and help in building outreach programs to these research institutes and researchers.

Logogram is also excited to run specialised content campaigns that involve taking science and technology knowledge to the public. These campaigns can be in any scientific issues of public interest such as health, technology, environment, climate change etc. We will provide regular content on new happenings in such areas and matters of public interest through diverse digital media platforms

What we offer?

  • Writing articles describing the significance and subject matter of your research so as to gain more visibility to your project
  • Creation of short videos, explaining the study for industry and other organisations
  • Broadcasting of content through diverse social media platforms on specific scientific matters for public outreach
  • Updating the media and journalists about the new happenings in a particular scientific discipline.