The Logogram

Logogram is an initiative to provide content support services to organisations. Logogram develop, design and deliver content for diverse organisations in consistent and impactful way.

Logogram is unique for its special focus on scientific communication – first of its kind in the country. We have a dedicated module that focus on taking new research finding or scientific knowledge to the industry or general public.

We also differs with its special focus on consistent content delivery. Through diverse media. We believe that organisations can benefit immensely from continuously engaging its followers through regular content campaigns, instead of episodic ads or posters.

We organise ourselves in three modules which look after different areas. These are educational support, business content support and scientific communication. You can read more about these modules here. To know more about our services, please see this.


The largest messiness in todays world is about information. Information is in abundance. But these are never get organised in the way we want –a way that could make the life more sensible and comfortable.

Once explored, extracted and polished, the information has immense possibilities. Information, developed, designed and delivered in the right way, offers the surest way possible to influence mankind. It can get the world around your ideas.

Logogram, therefore, is an attempt to empower people, institutions and communities to manage the vast and complex information to suit their demands and objectives.

Core Values of Logogram

Core values of Logogram are a set of values that we apply in our organisation functioning which we are not ready to compromise.

Innovation: We believe in the power of innovation, especially in the product design and development stage. The innovative ideas is indispensable to make your content stand out in a noisy digital world.

Improvisations: We adopt improvisation as a basic principle to shell out the best of the skill set in our employees. Thus, training and monitoring are ensured to deliver the perfect content for our partners.

Impact: We make no dilution on Quality, Consistency and Reliability of the Service. Satisfaction of the partner and delivering them the impactful outcome is our outmost priority.

Meet the Team

Logogram is composed of a set of young people who believe in the core values of Logogram. The team is united to bring innovations in the way we handle the content and information.

The team is composed of alumnus from premier higher educational institutes in India like St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, IISERs, IITs, JNU, EFLU, Layola College Chennai etc. They also come from diverse disciplines of arts and science, making it a vibrant mix.

Sagil G. Sathyan ( Founder & CEO )

Sagil G Sathyan, an alumnus of IISER Thiruvananthapuram, is passionate to try his hands at new things. Turning down different offers to pursue PhD in premier universities, he carried down his passion to founding Logogram. His pioneering idea of having a dedicated organisation set up for scientific communication has the potential to rewrite the way we do scientific communication in the country.